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Hey Babes! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! We had a blast spending the weekend with my Mom. I love going over to her house to see her and let the boys spend time with her. They love their Nonni so much and I love that they will have a good relationship with her over the years to come. I can already see all the sleepovers, ball games she’ll be cheering at, and much more, and it all makes me smile 🙂 It was so special for me, too as a mom. I’ve always known I would be a mom. Whether that was having my own kids or if I never got married I planned on adopting children. I’m thankful I was blessed with not one-but TWO-amazing little babies. I’m grateful I will have the rest of my life to love them, raise them to be good, godly men, and hopefully be a loving mother to whomever they choose to marry, which is even sweeter. Brooks and the boys made me the cutest little Mother’s Day crafts with their handprints. They know I love those keepsakes and I have a million of them all over my picture wall in the kitchen! I don’t think I could ever take any of them down!! Love my boys so much!

Today, I wanted to share a quick tutorial about how to style loose curls for your hair. This is such an easy go-to look if I want to take it up a notch from my normal straight hair. I use a Hot Tools curling iron with a 1.5″ barrel.

I start by grabbing a piece of hair and then clamp the barrel in the center of that piece of hair. I curl up, remembering to not move my iron to a horizontal position. Once I’ve held it a few seconds there slowly unclamp and wiggle it down to the end of your section of hair and curl all the way up. Hold for a few second and let go. Remember to hold your curl for just a bit so it cools and keeps it’s form. Remember to always curl away from your face and then alternate directions as you work towards the back of your head.

After I’m done, I use Neuma’s neuVolume Blow Out Mist to finish the look!

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